Friminvest - Villas and apartments in Sardegna
Santa Teresa di Gallura

Friminvest builds villas and apartments in Santa Teresa di Gallura , a town in Sardinia with a strong tourist interest. Friminvest achievements, whether houses or buildings, are strongly characterized and always favour the selection and use of local materials, each with its own characteristics and representing the result of a design and construction backed by a philosophy and ethics.

We are inspired by the philosophy of building already in Sardinia, which existed on the island, where countries were in balance with the earth, they were built with the materials of the land on which they were constructed and thus resembled the earth, it reproduced the colours and even the smell of the land. The granite from the land, was brought by hand, a shining stone instantly recognizable and they did not use extraneous material.

And so we create villas, town homes and other buildings integrated with the landscape of Sardinia in keeping with tradition, considering the past and modifying it, constructing the new whilst connecting the past and preserving its roots in the present. The philosophy is found in our stones, looking at the ground, starting with what is already there.

We realize the dream of a home beautiful to look at and comfortable to live in, to share functionality, meticulous in every detail. We focus on quality construction by promoting the creation of a system striking a balance between the built and natural environment through the integration of the various elements of the artificial (e.g. buildings, furniture ...), and natural surroundings of the site.

We aim to ensure the greatest possible comfort from the "creation" of the property through quality finishes, materials used, useful accessories and improvements in the quality of life inside and outside, in order to consider and evaluate all aspects of real life throughout the construction. p>

This is the achievement Friminvest has designed to deliver
to those who have the good fortune to live in the homes,
the realisation of a dream,
realised through respect for the environment, culture and tradition.

FRIMINVEST SRL - Villas and flats in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Sardinia 
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