A pleasant surprise

A rainbow of colours that gives joy and zest for life. The clear blue of the infinite sky, the crystal blue and emerald sea, the green of the vegetation, yellow ginestra, pink and red oleander and hibiscus, purple bougainvillea, orange sun enchanting sunset, the intense blue of the night lit by a myriad of stars: a rainbow of colours that gives joy and zest for life.

For those who live in cities on the continent, used to the grey skies and colours clouded by dust and smog, it will be a pleasant surprise: the extraordinary sensation of being immersed with chromo therapy.
Here it is possible to live peacefully in close contact with nature and the emotional satisfaction you feel is strong enough to make you forget the stress and hard work of every day, in no other place will you enjoy the same benefits, all immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation full of colours and scents.

FRIMINVEST SRL - Villas and flats in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Sardinia 
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