Friminvest - sea front villas and apartments in Sardinia

Santa Teresa di Gallura

Sardinia: wonderful island with an aura of extraordinary fame.
The great myth of Sardinia, the charm of a "little continent", its ancient civilization.
, La Gallura, Sardinia: is a place where the harmony and balance between development and pristine environment are truly guaranteed, a place where the quality of life is rich: living it you realize you have discovered your own land, fall in love and find peace in your own existence.

Waterfront villas and apartments in Santa Teresa di Gallura - Sardinia:

Friminvest can provide the key to this paradise, to actually live a dream, forever,
and if you are lucky enough, you can have a place, a home
to truly live and conquer each and every day.

Villas for sale in Portoquadro

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Friminvest, in the prestigious area of Cala d'Oro, Porto Quadro, has built the "I Giardini" residence consisting of ten independent villas, paired two by two. There are five duplexes with no common wall: they are united and divided by two covered parking spaces, built with floors at different heights and situated with one further forward than the other, in order to minimise the noise and visual disturbance from neighbors

Apartments in Santa Teresa di Gallura

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Where the sun, sea and vegetation surround a natural landscape dotted with ancient granite sculptures shaped by the wind, in one of the last unspoiled paradises in the Mediterranean, in the heart of Santa Teresa di Gallura, FRIMINVEST have provided both a small and medium-sized apartment complex to be offered to people who want to have their own home for the holidays.

FRIMINVEST SRL - Villas and flats in Santa Teresa di Gallura – Sardinia 
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